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Xtreme White .25oz

Xtreme White .25oz

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Color Details

Brilliant White color gel with no shimmer.

This is not Extra White.  It is our whitest white.  It must be applied carefully following our instructions or it will shrink.

The Xtreme white gel is different from our other white gel in the way it is applied to the nail.

When applying the gel to the tip of the nail, you will apply it like you would apply white polish. Create the general shape of the smile line with the brush instead of swiping the smile line as you would with our other colors. If it is too thick it will bubble during the curing process.

Once you have the smile line applied you will use the square brush to refine and clean up the smile line. If you are having a hard time getting a clean line when you swipe you may need to dip the square brush in Nail Prep and blot it on a paper towel before you swipe the line. Cure for 2 minutes.

Comes in a .25oz jar. Stir well by scraping the bottom of the jar and folding the pigment into the gel before application.

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