Hello to our friends across the pond!

Since 1991 has been selling Gel Nail products on the internet and shipping worldwide from the USA.

We registered our Gelousy corporation at UK Companies House and opened an office in London in 2008.  We have displayed at trade shows and have been featured in many UK nail publications over the years.

What we didn't do is protect our rights to the name Gelousy in the UK.

In 2014 someone filed a registration for the name Gelousy to be used in association with gel nail products in the UK.

We had no idea.

Recently we have been asked under threat of injunction to stop shipping to the UK.

While we do not think we have violated any trademarks, we have stopped shipping to the UK.  We are currently evaluating our options.

So if you see any Gelousy products in the UK, they are not ours.