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Gel nails don't dry, they cure. But no, you need UV light to cure gel nails. If you aren't using a UV light then they are not gel. A UV light can be either compact fluorescent or LED.


Sometimes in the media you will see reports about gel nails, UV lamps and cancer. Most of the articles are based off a few observations or general knowledge about UV light. The truth is, we don't know. The observations that have been made are not well documented and don't come to any conclusions. As far as we are aware, there has never been a case of cancer that can be linked directly to the use of gel nails or gel nail UV lamps.

No, gel nails do not cause fungus or infection. Gel is plastic and plastic does not cause fungus or infection. Peoples actions lead to those issues. If you have a lifted gel nail and you do not properly remove it, fungus can grow under it. If you are cut by a file or implement and do not treat the wound you could get an infection, just like with any other cut. Also if proper preparation and sanitation is not followed, fungus and infection can be spread from person to person. It is important learn about sanitation and keep your gel nails maintained. Gel nails must be maintained just like you maintain any other part of your body.

No, Gel nails cannot cause splinter hemorrhages. Splinter hemorrhages occur when capillaries under your nail burst due to damage. They look like small red or brown splinters. Splinter hemorrhages are most often caused by trauma like ripping your gel nails off or slamming them against something. Sometimes they are a sign of some other health condition such as endocarditis, lupis, psoriasis or many others. If you have splintering under your nail and you have not caused any trauma, you need to see a doctor to rule out any medical issues.

No, gel nails are not bad for you. Gel nails can be a part of healthy nail care. They place a protective plastic shield over your natural nail that can help your natural nails to resist damage and grow out stronger and longer than before. If you are following all the manufactures directions and not skipping steps or applying them "your way". They are very safe and can be good for your natural nails.

There is no evidence that we are aware of that gel nails affect pregnancy in any way when applied as directed. However, as with any question about pregnancy, you should consult a doctor.

Toxic is defined as containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation. Gel is liquid plastic that when cured becomes hard plastic. They are not edible. Do not drink the liquid plastic or eat the solid plastic and keep the gel off of your skin. We have never heard of gel nails causing any toxic effect.

Gel nails are only dangerous or bad if you use them that way. Please try to refrain from maliciously scratching yourself or others. Accidents do happen, but that does not make them particularly dangerous or bad. Follow sanitation procedures, keep the gel off the skin. If you apply gel nails according to the manufacturer's instructions, they are very safe. If you do stupid things with the product, any product can be dangerous. Don't run with scissors, don't use drain cleaner to wash your hair and don't put light bulbs up your butt.

We all know that exposure to the sun and UV has been linked to skin cancer. Nail lamps, even LED nail lamps produce UV energy. In fact, every light bulb in your home, your TV, cell phone, laptop, monitor, tablet, or most anything that lights up your life produces UV energy. Nail lamps are generally considered safe. But you need to take into account your total UV exposure. Nail appointments add about three minutes of total exposure. So over 20 years, once every three weeks of nail appointments will add about 17 hours of exposure. Over 20 years that amount of exposure is very minimal.

Gel can be good for your nails. If you have thin or weak nails, gel can provide a protective barrier to help prevent damage. As they grow out, many times they will be stronger, hold their shape better and reattach to the nail bed. You can think of them as braces for your nails. As your natural nails grow and you continue to cover them with gel many times you will find that your nails are healthier than they were before you started using gel. This is all assuming that they are applied properly and maintained well.

If gel nails are properly applied and maintained, you can leave them on for as long as you like. Your nails don't breathe, they are not alive and they never need a break. With Gelousy Gel Nails, most people go between three and six weeks before they need a fill. The nails are rebalanced and a new coat and new nail art or color are applied over the old product. They never need to be completely removed. Just like the paint on your car never needs to be removed. Your car does not need to breathe or take a break from being protected.

This is not true of Gel Polish. Gel Polish with a Gel Polish Base and Top coat by itself cannot be filled or rebalanced and needs to be removed before more is applied. Gel Polish is different from color gel. You can put gel polish in between a real gel Base and Top coat like Gelousy's 1-Step or Base and Natural. Then you can fill it when it grows out.

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