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Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate 4oz

Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate 4oz

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Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate 4oz
Mix with water to make 4 or more 24oz bottles of cleaner.

Plant Based
Non-Irritating to skin
Derived from renewable resources
Safe to use, store and dispose
Formulated from cutting edge technology
Acid Free
Non Abrasive

Gelousy Bathroom Cleaner is formulated with a special enzyme and oxidizer that breaks down organic soils and deodorizes surfaces.  It is an all-purpose bathroom cleaner that safely removes organic soils and eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals and killing agents.  It is a non-acid, non-abrasive formula that will not etch or scratch fine porcelain or ceramic surfaces.

Simply spray on and wipe off.  Always check for colorfastness and follow manufacturer’s recommendations.  To minimize foaming, always add concentrate to water, not water to concentrate.  As with all cleaning products, keep out of reach of children.

A 23 to 1 dilution is recommended for general cleaning purposes.  However the product may be used full strength or diluted up to 350 to 1.

Just a small amount of Gelousy Bathroom Cleaner will completely solubilize (surround) and hold the soil in suspension so that it can be washed away without damaging the cleaning surface.  Powerful micelle cleaning action causes long chain hydrocarbon soils to virtually repel from the cleaning surface so that soils can be rinsed away with water.

Use on Tub, Bathroom Counter, Toilet, Sink, Floor:  Spray on and wipe off any bathroom surface that needs cleaning.  To clean inside of toilet, spray in the toilet bowl and scrub with a toilet scrub brush.
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