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Silence HP Eco Hair Dryer

Silence HP Eco Hair Dryer

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Silence HP 385i Hair Dryer

The Silence HP hair dryer is quite different than any other hair dryer that you may have ever used. The very first impression that most people have is “Wow this is really quiet” … The second thought that most people have is “This thing isn’t blowing hard enough to dry my hair.”

The fact is, the Silence HP does take some getting used to. Most of us think, the louder, the harder and faster the air flow the better and faster the dryer will dry my hair.

Even though it seems like that makes sense, the Silence HP was designed to dry your hair almost as fast and with much less damage than a “Turbo Dryer”. 

When a “Turbo dryer’s” air flow is hitting your hair, most of the air is deflected and wasted. The air that does hit your head dries the outer layer of the hair very quickly but leaves the cuticle of the hair still wet. This causes the hair to re-wet over the next few minutes and that causes limp, dull looking hair. In addition, the massive air flow causes static, split ends and knotting.

The Silence HP dries hair in a much smarter way. 100% of the airflow is used to dry the hair in a smart, gentle way. Your hair is truly dry because the gentle airflow completely dries your hair, including the cuticle, leaving your hair soft, smooth, and healthy.

Most hair dryers are above the 80 decibel limit that experts say causes hearing loss. The Silence HP is well below that level.

It takes a week or so to get used to this type of drying and to notice a difference in the condition of your hair. Give the Silence HP a try for a few weeks. That will allow both you and your hair to adjust. Your hair will thank you for it!

Key Features:

  • Quiet Operation – No motor noise, the only noise you hear is air movement

  • Uses up to 2/3 less energy than a traditional turbo dryer

  • Made in USA.  Phoenix AZ from both domestic and imported parts.

  • Two heat settings and an instant cold shot button

  • 10 foot cord with in-line ALCI instead of a bulky plug

  • Lifetime Motor Warranty

  • Lifetime refurbishment and parts for a low service fee

  • Lead free solder

  • Brushless motor that does not release carbon dust particles

  • Very low EMF emissions - No Measurable EMF’s at three inches

  • Built in air concentration chamber eliminating the need for an air concentrator

  • Weighs 1lb 7oz

  • No Measurable EMF’s at three inches

  • Energy Saving Green Technology

  • Tourmaline Ionic Technology

  • Uses 75% less energy than a 2200-watt dryer

  • Elliptical nozzle prevents uncontrolled air vortexes

    Please read our refund policy before purchasing.

    Key Facts:

    Silence HP dryers are manufactured with the heat equivalency of most 1650 watt hair dryers, yet they use less than half the energy. Silence HP is designed to function with less air velocity and more controlled air flow. This more focused air pattern allows most users to style without the need of the air concentrator.  The ionic effect of the Silence HP will make hair shiny, healthy looking and eliminate static.  We do offer an air concentrator as an additional accessory, if you need an even more concentrated air stream.

    Some people will say that there is not as much air flow as other dryers.  While this is true, the Silence HP is much more efficient in its air flow technology.  We use a concentrated blast of either hot, warm or cold air to dry the hair as opposed to an uncontrolled blast of wasted air that blows right off the head and does not contribute to drying.  The Silence HP will dry hair in a much more controlled and efficient manner. 

    The Silence HP does not create any uncontrolled air vortexes that can tangle, lift the cuticle or dull the hair.  The comfortable and efficient heat levels are precisely designed for all hair conditions.  Turbo dryers with excessive air volume or heat can prematurely dry the cuticle layer of the hair or scalp and give the false impression that the hair has been dried.  These extreme conditions can be harmful to the hair or scalp.  Some turbo dryers make hair seem dry but leave excessive moisture at the cortex and the medulla level.  This will cause styling breakdown as it will never hold its intended style.

    Always towel dry hair to remove excess moisture.  Set dryer on highest heat to begin drying hair section by section.  When hair is almost dry, lower heat setting and a styling brush to lift and shape hair.  Once you have achieved the desired shape, set style with a cold shot.

    We recommend that you do not wrap the power cord around the dryer. By taking this simple step you will prevent the power cord from breaking on the inside leading to a short.

    SILENCE HP is built with pride in the U.S.A. and warranted to be free of defects at date of purchase.

    SILENCE HP has a LIFETIME motor warranty and lifetime service on all other parts. If service is needed, call 602-493-9043 for repair authorization and the address of the nearest service center.  If your dryer needs service, the current service charge is $45.00 to cover material, handling and return shipping costs, but may change from time to time.

    The Silence HP hair dryer is virtually maintenance free. No lubrication is necessary. Keep surfaces clean and free of dust, dirt and hair spray. When cleaning is necessary, disconnect appliance from power source. There is no removable filter.

    Use a soft brush to clean both side vents on a regular basis. If necessary, you may wipe the exterior with a slightly damp cloth. If cord becomes twisted, untwist prior to use.

    The Silence HP hair dryer is equipped with both primary and secondary safety devices. The safety thermostat may cycle “off” if the temperature exceeds the dryer’s designed level due to partially blocked air intake vents or inoperative motor turbine. The thermostat will reset automatically after required cool down period. The unique in-line ALCI will engage automatically, shutting off the dryer if it should accidentally come in contact with water.

    When using any appliance near any water source it should be plugged into an outlet equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter.

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