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Big Sexy Red .5oz

Big Sexy Red .5oz

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Red color gel with a blue undertone and no shimmer.

Comes in a .5oz jar. Stir well by scraping the bottom of the jar and folding the pigment into the gel before application.

The Girl was sitting at the Pub... alone.  Sipping on a neat Islay Scotch Whisky the bartender had carefully poured into a polished Glencairn glass.  She glanced at her watch; was it minutes, hours or days?  She smirked as she heard a group enter and demand to watch the football game.

The other patrons looked up and stopped their conversations.  The bartender approached and said, "The game is on across the street if you are interested."

"There's no TV here boys", she said.

"Oi, Pretty" said the largest boy in the group.  "Why don't you come across and join us, we could use a pretty little one like you to fetch our pints!"

"Piss Off", She said.

"Piss off!..  Piss Off?  Ya don't know who you is talkin to do ya?"  Said the boy.

Woosh.....  Donk... Smack. And the boy was on the floor, eyes glazed over.  The group scattered as the Girl took Her seat with Her back to the room and enjoyed another swig of her drink.

A Man with an eyepatch emerged from the shadows, stood over the sulking lump on the floor and said, "Oi, boy.  Ye best not be disrespectin' Big Sexy Red".


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