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Moonlight Desk Lamp

Moonlight Desk Lamp

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Gelousy Moonlight Desk Lamp

You won't believe how much better this lamp is on your eyes.  It makes it much easier to focus and actually see what you are doing.

Unlike other lamps, its wide spectrum white light eliminates shadows and shows more details, while being easier on your eyes than other light sources.

100%-0% dimmable

Use this light for a week, then try to go back to your old light.  You will throw that old light out in the street and wonder how you ever got along without the Gelousy Moonlight Lamp!

Full 180° Lighting Coverage Eliminates Shadows

Wide spectrum white light to enhance colors and show more details

Because of the package size, this may ship separately.

Tech Specs:

29" wide x 14.5" tall
LED light source
USA Plug
110V/240V 50Hz/60Hz auto switching input power
Max 50w output power
95 CRI
0%-100% dimming adjustment
2700K - 5600K Color
2520 Lumen
50,000 hour lifespan

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