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Purple at Midnight .25oz

Purple at Midnight .25oz

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Dark Purple color gel with no shimmer.

Comes in a .25oz jar. Stir well by scraping the bottom of the jar and folding the pigment into the gel before application.

A Girl was walking the dusty path through the park one lonely night after a long day.  She was a few steps from home when she heard a quiet mew from the darkness.  She stopped and focused on the sound...  She waited.  Silence.  Not a peep.  Then she heard, mew.  Her head tilted; her gaze was now focused on a set of purple eyes lit by the moon staring back at her.

She approached the eyes not knowing what to expect.  Mew.  Mew.

There, emerging from the darkness was a snow-white kitten with her golden purple eyes locked on to the Girl.  She picked up the kitten and searched for a tag or a chip.  Nothing.

She looked at the Kitten and said, "I guess it's you and me now!" As she spoke those words the clock hit Midnight and a purple lightning bolt hit them as she cradled the kitten in her arms.

They both woke in the Girl's bed and much to their surprise the Girls eyes had turned purple.  The Kitten then turned to her and spoke.

"Because of Your kindness and pure heart, I have chosen you as my person.  Together we will spread our Purple Joy to the rest of the world and from now until forever you will be known as Purple @ Midnight."

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