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Puregreen24 1gal

Puregreen24 1gal

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PureGreen24 - 1 Gallon
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Puregreen 24 from Gelousy kills the Coronavirus, Staph, MRSA, Flu, VRE and much more.  It contains no chemicals that are toxic to humans.

It uses silver ions and citric acid to kill germs, viruses, fungus and spores. It meets the state board requirement for both a level 1 and a level 2 EPA registered disinfectant.

You can use it to disinfect surfaces and soak tools.  It is pre-mixed, never expires, odorless and safe to touch.  It also works great at home, in the car and while traveling.  Plus it keeps killing germs for 24 hours.

PureGreen24 Application Best Practices
Microfiber cloths are recommended for the application of PureGreen24. Simply spray and wipe surfaces to be disinfected; ensure all surfaces are completely soaked, then wipe off excess. Microfiber cloths allow you to clean while you are disinfecting, the fibers of the cloths pick-up up all the dirt and grime while giving an even distribution of PureGreen24.

Don’t just spray and walk away.

For irregularly shaped surfaces like client’s chairs, electric files, children’s toys, Gym equipment, door knobs etc., spray PureGreen24 on the microfiber towel until a portion of the cloth is thoroughly damp, then wipe the desired surface. The use of the microfiber cloth will ensure an even distribution. The microfiber cloth will also clean the surface while you are disinfecting.

Citric Acid is one of the nontoxic ingredients in PureGreen24, if too much product is applied the surface may feel "tacky”, like that of orange juice if spilled and not wiped up. Due to the low toxicity of PureGreen24, there is NO requirement to rinse off PureGreen24 after use, even when used on children's toys or pet areas. 
When using to disinfect implements like cuticle pushers, nippers, combs, shears etc.:

1. Clean the tool to be disinfected
2. Fill a small sealable container with enough PureGreen24 to cover your tools.
3. Place your tool in the PureGreen24 and wait for 10 minutes
4. Remove your tool and rinse then dry and place in your sanitized container.
5. Seal the container with the PureGreen24 in it so it won’t evaporate.

If the PureGreen24 has a lot of visible debris or is cloudy, empty the container and clean it.  Then pour a new batch of PureGreen24 in the container.

To disinfect nail files:

You can only disinfect nail files that have the word “disinfectable” printed on them.

1. Rinse nail file to clean it.
2. Spray PureGreen24 on the file to ensure it is completely covered on all sides and wait 10 minutes.
3. Rinse nail file and allow to air dry, then place in your sanitized container.

The best protocol when disinfecting a large number of very small toys or objects is to spray everything in a basket or bucket with PureGreen24, let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water to make sure that all organic matter that be attached is removed and any excess PureGreen24 as well. 
When disinfecting large surfaces such as wrestling mats, use a large dry microfiber mop or wrap a clean towel around a dust mop, spray and wet thoroughly, then wipe. 
PureGreen24 kills Staph for up to 24 hours after application. Within 2 minutes bacteria is killed (including MRSA) A 10-minute period is recommended for killing Fungi and Viruses.
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