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1-Step Gel .6oz

1-Step Gel .6oz

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Use it as a Base coat and a Top Coat

You Can Fill It
Sure you can soak it off, but you don’t have to!  You can fill Gelousy 1-Step Gel.  Why soak off and reapply, when you can just thin it out and apply another coat in just 15 minutes.

Better Than Gel Polish
With Gelousy 1-Step Gel you can do everything that gel polish can do, but better.  It is 5x more durable, lasts 4x longer and you can make better looking nails by building an arch.  Gel polish just can’t do that.

Lasts up to 12 weeks
Less problems with breaking, chipping and peeling.  Gelousy 1-Step Gel is naturally flexible, durable and shiny.

Secret Weapon
Many nail techs consider Gelousy 1-Step Gel to be their secret weapon.  They won’t tell you what they use, but if they use Gelousy you can be sure that is why they have all the business.
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