Gelousy Salon and Training Center

Have Your Nails Done in a Working Gel Nail Factory by Product Experts

Sculptured Gel Nails

For anything longer than about 1/4 inch or so

Better Than Gel Polish

With Gelousy 1-Step Gel you can do everything that gel polish can do, but better.  It is 5x more durable, lasts 4x longer and you can make better looking nails by building an arch.  Gel polish just can’t do that.

Lasts up to 8 weeks

Less problems with breaking, chipping and pealing.  Gelousy 1-Step Gel is naturally flexible, durable and shiny.

Secret Weapon

Many nail techs consider Gelousy Natural Gel to be their secret weapon.  They won’t tell you what they use, but if they use Gelousy you can be sure that is why they have all the business.
Offers Nail Services for Clients and Gelousy Gel Classes
Karra Westcott

Karra Westcott

Cheif Creative Officer

Karra started her nail business “Nails by Karra” in 1999.  Frustrated with salon owners and traditional nail products she searched for something unique.  Soon after she found Gelousy she created business practices that took her from three clients to 30 clients in just 30 days.  After 90 days she had a waiting list.  Her innovative and practical nail designs are sought after by clients, some who travel over 1000 miles just for two hours of her time.  Karra has been a featured nail artist for several nationally televised award shows.  Her work has also been published in a book of nail designs and has been featured in several international nail magazines.  While she still maintains a small clientele she now is the Chief Creative Officer for Gelousy and leads the creative operations.

Gel Nail Full Set: $80
Gel Nail Fill: $50
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Each Nail Tech operates independently.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What can I expect when I arrive
Gelousy is a working manufacturing and distribution facility.  The front of our building is a licensed nail salon.  It is a relatively small area with two bathrooms, a sink and several nail stations where nail services and training are provided.  All of the people working in the salon are booth renters.  This means that they all own their own businesses and are not employed by Gelousy.  They set their own prices and schedules.  You may see lab technicians, warehouse or office personnel from time to time.  Also there may be deliveries, nail techs picking up products or classes going on at the same time as your service.
Q: I'm a licenced Nail Tech. Can I rent a station?
Sure, just give us a call at 602-493-9043 and press 2 to set up an interview.  Currently station rental is $650 a month and that includes all of your Gelousy products.  You may use different systems or products if you want to, but we are an acrylic free salon.

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