Gelousy Universal 9w led uv Bulb
One Bulb to Rule Them All
Universal 9w UV LED Bulb


Works in any lamp with a standard 2 prong socket.  There are two kinds of lamps.  Magnetic and electronic.  The Super Smart technology built into these bulbs detects what kind of lamp you have and adjusts to the needs of your lamp.

Dual Cure

This bulb should cure any gel on the market because it is a dual spectrum.  It operates at both 365nm for non-LED gels and at 405nm for LED Gel.

Lasts 10,000+ Hours

This may be the last set of bulbs you ever need to buy.  It will last 10,000+ hours which is 60,000 gel services.  That’s 5 clients per day 7 days a week for 32 years.

1-Year Warrantee

All Gelousy Products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  These bulbs also come with a 1 year damage warrentee.  If they ever fail with-in 1 year of the purchase date, we will replace them for free.  Even if it is your fault.


Works in 100% of Lamps with a Standard 9w Socket

10,000+ Hours Before it Needs to be Replaced. Energy does not drop over time.


Satisfaction Guarentee

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the curing times with these bulbs?

Use the curing time that your gel manufacturer recommends for your gel.  If they recommend 30 seconds, use 30 seconds.  If they recommend two minutes, then use two minutes.

The curing time of gel is a combination of formulation chemistry and light energy.  LED does not automatically mean a faster curing time.  The photoinitiator of the gel determines the curing time.

When you are doing nails you should never have to wait on your lamp no matter how long the curing time.  With the proper technique you can always be working and never have to wait for the lamp.  Curing time does not have to matter.

Q: Will this bulb work with my lamp?
If you have a lamp with a standard 9w 2 prong socket then it will work.  There are two different kinds of lamps on the market.  Magnetic ballast lamps are a little bit heavier in the back where the ballasts are located.  Electronic ballast lamps are very light.  This bulb has a special microprocessor that determines the needs of your lamp and adjusts to them.
Q: Will these bulbs work with my gel?
The short answer is yes.  The long science-y answer is that what has been called “LED Gel” is gel that will cure at the electromagnetic wavelength of 405nm (nano meters, 1nm = one billionth of a meter) see this article for more info. Regular gel up until now has not been able to cure in LED lamps because most of them work at 405nm.  Regular gel needs about 365nm to cure.  But now, these bulbs will produce both 365nm and 405nm.  So there really is no such thing as “LED Gel”.  All gel will cure properly when exposed to the right wavelength of energy.  It does not matter if that energy comes from a light bulb, an LED, the sun or any other source of electromagnetic energy.

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