Gelousy Natural Gel
Natural Overlay – Tip Overlay – Sculptured Nails

Squeasy Application

Use the Gelousy Natural Gel unique application tip to create the perfect nail before you go into the lamp. This saves you the hassle of filing the gel to shape.

One Gel to Rule Them All

With Gelousy Natural Gel you can do overlays and sculpting.  You Never have to worry about what gel to use on what client.  Natural Gel does it all.

Lasts up to 8 weeks

Less problems with breaking, chipping and pealing.  Gelousy Natural Gel is naturally durable and shiny.

Secret Weapon

Many nail techs consider Gelousy Natural Gel to be their secret weapon.  They won’t tell you what they use, but if they use Gelousy you can be sure that is why they have all the business.

Alternative French

Alternative French is easy with Gelousy

4th of July Nail Art

Nail art is quick and easy with Gelousy

Winter Nails

Gelousy Nails for Winter

Pink Polkadot Nails

Pink Polkadot Nails are easy with Gelousy
100% Guaranteed
Empty Bottle Guarantee If you are not satisfied, just return the products within 30 days for a refund, even if the bottles are empty.

Cost per client is what matters.  Gelousy Natural Gel has one of the lowest cost per client in the industry.  Less than $1 per client.

We don’t just abandon you after your purchase.  You have access to lifetime Free Technical support and education from trained product educators on video.  Or live over the phone or video chat.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will this gel work with a CFL (Regular UV Lamp with Glass Compact Fluorescent Bulbs) or a LED Lamp

Gelousy Natural Gel can be cured with either a CFL or a LED lamp as long as the lamp is producing 365nm of energy.  With a CFL, ideally you want four 9w bulbs as close to the nails as possible.  With a LED you should look for a lamp that produces both 410nm and 365nm.  The LEDs should be as close to the nails as possible and the entire lamp should be at least 20w.  Or you can get a lamp from us, because we know ours work.

Q: What are the curing times

CFL 2 minutes, LED 1 minute.

Q: How long will the nails last and will they break, chip, crack or peal?

If they are applied properly they should last until they grow out to the end of your nails with no breaking, cracking, chipping or pealing.  To keep them looking good and not halfway grown out we recommend filling them every three weeks.  At two weeks there really isn’t much to do.  At four weeks, they look like they are grown out.  We have found three weeks to be the ideal fill time.

Q: Can you soak off Gelousy Natural Gel?

No, Gelousy Natural gel can be filed off with either a hand file or an electric file.  We recommend a 100 grit hand file or an electric file with a sanding band.

Q: Does water, humidity or climate affect the gel?

Nope, Gelousy Natural Gel works just as well in Alaska as it does in Florida.

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