Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions

Q.  Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Yes, all of our products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  The only thing we will not guarantee is if you improperly store a product.  If you put a UV cured product in the sun, we will not take it back.

Q. Can Gelousy be cured in a LED Lamp?

A. Because there are so many different LED lamps out there is is very important to choose the correct one. At this time we are not offering LED lamps. If you choose to use one, it is best to use a very high powered lamp. At least 20 watts.  For Base, Natural and Flex gel it needs to emit 365nm.  For 1-Step and TPR either 365nm or 410nm will work.  Your curing time will vary based on the wattage and frequency of your LED lamp.  It is also important to remember that LED is just a different way of supplying UV energy to the nail enhancement.  LED lamps still produce UV energy.

Q. Is Gelousy Gel Organic? A. All gel is based on organic chemistry. However there is no gel that is grown without pesticides or antibiotics because gel is not grown or fed.

Q. How long should a set of Gelousy last without service breakdown?

A. Between four and six weeks. Most clients go on a three week fill schedule.

Q. Can I be a distributor?

A. Yes, our opening order is $5000 wholesale.   Our minimum order is $500.  You must place at least 6 orders per year to maintain your distributor status.  For distributor inquires you may call us at 602-493-9043 xt 102

Q. Do you offer classes?

A. Yes, We offer classes Monday – Friday anytime between 10am and 2pm at our training center Gelousy, 1745 W Deer Valley RD STE 124, Phoenix AZ 85086. They are $50 per hour. They are one on one with an educator. We suggest two hours. We also suggest you bring a model with you. The model needs to understand they will not be getting a full set. If you have time before 4pm you can finish them after the class is over. If you don’t have a model you will work on yourself or on a fake hand.  After your class it is a good idea to practice for a month or so and schedule another two hour class to perfect your technique.

Q. Why is shipping so much and how can I save?

A. We don’t set the shipping charges, UPS does.  We do not mark up shipping.   It costs nearly the same to ship 1 product or 10 products.  So if you order 10 products you greatly reduce your shipping cost on a per product basis.  We have set up our pricing system to reward those who purchase more.  You can greatly save on your cost per client by purchasing refill sizes.  Also you can save $3 per order by shipping to a commercial address instead of a residential address.  In addition all orders over $200 ship for free.  Just choose free shipping at checkout.

Q. Do you offer free samples?

A: We do not, however we do offer a 30 day “Empty Bottle” satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not happy with the product we will issue a refund even if your bottle is empty.

Q.  How long will it take for my order to get to me?

A.  We offer two shipping carriers, UPS and USPS.  If you choose UPS, most orders will ship out the same day you place them.  On the west coast it should take about 2 days to get to you.  If you are on the east coast expect about 5 days.  If you choose USPS most orders will ship out on the next business day and should take between 1-3 days to get you after it is shipped.  UPS also offers guaranteed 3 day, 2 day and next day (overnight) service.  We do not mark up shipping charges.  We charge you the listed shipping rate.  In addition UPS delivers Monday – Friday while USPS delivers Monday – Saturday.